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Territorial Capital institute (TCi) is an independent non-governmental and non-profit virtual knowledge platform for territorialists.


TCi explores tools and methods to map and unlock the human and ecological capital of a given territory or space, aiming at a more sustainable territorial development.


TCi supports the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and New Urban Agenda, through the application of UN-Habitat’s International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning. TCi provides a platform to discuss, interpret and expand these guidelines through a dialectical process of practicing cutting edge theories and theorizing inspiring practices.



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Latest Posts

  • Shaping a Better Wuhan with its People at the Heart Special TCi contribution by Wenjing Luo (Helen)[i][ii] [i] Wenjing Luo (Helen), as a national registered urban planner at Wuhan Planning & Design Institute (WPDI) in China wrote this piece in personal name as participant of......

  • This article is a translated adaptation of an TCi Director Frank D’hondt’s article commissioned by the Flemish magazine ‘Ruimte’ (‘Space’), dedicated to urban and territorial impacts of (extreme) poverty 10 years after the financial crisis of 2008. While re-edited for Territorial Capital institute (TCi), responsibility......

  • ISOCARP is proud to present PLAN 4 Magazine about “Transformation Zhongshan Avenue District” in Wuhan, China. The PLAN 4 Magazine contains articles that reflect the observations, insights and findings of the ISOCARP Urban Planning Advisory Team (UPAT) that visited Wuhan in March 2017. Editor and TCi Director......