TCi Lecture on Sustainable Territorial Planning Toolbox

TCi Lecture on Sustainable Territorial Planning Toolbox

On Wednesday 23 May, TCi Director Frank D’hondt held a guest lecture at Harokopio University in Athens, Greece. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Dr Pavlos Dellatsimas and attended by his post-graduate students in Geography. The lecture was also attended by Dr. Nicholas Karachalis, lecturer at the same university and core team member of TCi, as well by two delegates from the Athens based Earth Organization, in charge of ‘The Athens We Need’.

The lecture was structured around the SDGs, the New Urban and the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning as the basis of a new toolbox for sustainable territorial planning, illustrated by inspiring planning practices around the world including Wuhan/China, Kabul/Afghanistan, Gaza/Westbank/Palestine, Tirana/Albania and last but not least Athens/Greece itself, currently facing a huge planning deficit as part of the hyper-austerity regime looming over the country. The lecture was concluded with Q&A around issues such as rural-urban linkages and the institutions and people it take to make change happen from a car-centric to a people and environment-centric planning approach and urban design.  The hosting professor concluded there is interest for follow up lectures that will explore more in debt what to do and how to do to make that change also happen in Athens/Greece.

Click on the link to view the basic slideshow of the lecture, including some secondary links to relevant websites and video’s.

TCi Lecture Harokopio University May 2018

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