Mobile Territories

TCi Core Team member Sebastian Goethals is specialized in urban transport planning. TCi endorses his unique approach of urban transportation planning and design, through an innovative collaboration between urbanists and transport engineers. We strongly believe that urban mobility and transport is a major component of urban livability, economic development, social and territorial cohesion. « Think Integrated » by creating new solutions and interactions between public transport, pedestrians, bicycles and car-sharing is a pillar of our holistic approach that Sebastian and TCi Director Frank D’hondt have been and are  successfully applying in Europe, Canada, Middle-East, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Cases Sebastian recently worked on include many mobility plans for cities in China and Africa (see for more here), while Frank more recently added projects to his portfolio related to street and mobility planning (including Palestinian West-Bank – see for more here and  here – Metropolitan mobility planning advisise for Kabul, Afghanistan and an Assessment of the Zhongshan Avenue Transformation in Wuhan China – click here for more).

TCi is seeking collaboration with universities and research centres through workshops and conferences,  to spread and to learn about latest technologies, sustainable principles and smart cities. Hereby, we aim to bring our knowledge in territorialism, placemaking, architecture and transport into innovative ways of territorial planning for better results, satisfaction and happiness for end users.

In case interested in collaboration or partnership, please contact us.