Territorial Planning Methods

In this section TCi explores some of the current ‘functional’ planning approaches to capitalize on territorial assets of any given space and make it a better place for humans and or other species. Our take on these approaches do not claim scientifically sound distinctive planning models or theories –  they do not exclude one another but overlap or can be combined in space and/or time. Therefore, we don’t see any hierarchy or priority in these approaches. However, we’d like to kick off with the planning approach that requires the least planning and prioritizes result-oriented territorial transformation and place-making over process-driven territorial policy and plan-making.

TCi is challenging readers and users of these or similar approaches to reflect on them from their own theoretical and practical experiences.

Placemaking & Tactical Urbanism


Even where urban and territorial planning is completely off the hook, there is always some kind of placemaking and tactical urbanism around the corner.


Strategic Spatial Planning


This branch of planning was developed as a reaction to the traditional ‘masterplanning’ with a limited lens on territorial zoning.


Rapid Planning

Closing the circle towards placemaking and tactical urbanism, ‘rapid planning’ combines a bit of all these approaches albeit ion a more compressed way.

Inspiring Cases


Inspiring Cases