Theory & Praxis

This is the centerpiece of the TCi platform. It is under construction and will always remain open for expansion and review.


Comments and suggestions are most welcome, both on substance and wording – please bear in mind that none of the (current) authors is native English language abled.


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Intro: setting the scene – the theory of theory & praxis.


Territorial Case: making the case of the territorial challenges we have to respond to by ‘business as unusual’.


Territorial Agenda: outlining the stepping stones towards an entirely new  global territorial pact, including the SDGs. NUA and IG-UTP.


Territorial Community: who are the territorial share- and stakeholders to make the change?


Territorial Toolbox: all you need to unlock the territorial capital of each space and place.


Territorial Practices: putting theories into praxis and learning from them.


Territorial Glossary: the key terms explained.


Territorial Gallery: pictures and movies that tell territorial stories – also telling websites and blogs.


Sources: if you’re up for even more reading and learning.